Feet Exfoliation: The Specifics

Natural Exfoliation at Play

You Deserve Great Feet !

Feet beauty treatments should be non negotiable and a wonderful way to unwind after a busy day.  They should be an absolute must. Your feet carry you everywhere especially if you wear heels and so deserve all the attention you can give them !

A relaxing foot massage is a great way to get started and it’s guaranteed to keep you interested in taking care of your feet. Once you’ve experienced the wonderful feeling that accompanies proper foot care, you’ll want to do everything you can to make sure your now manicured and exfoliated feet stay in tip-top shape.

Scrub Your Feet

Rubbing acid-based creams and rough slabs over the feet are two excellent methods for ridding the skin of dry patches and scales.  Once you know how to exfoliate feet, you can begin a specific foot care regimen tailored to the results you want. By eliminating dry skin, you are essentially revitalizing the feet and revealing new skin. The feet should then be coated in a rich, moisturizing foot cream and covered with soft socks.

Exfoliating Tools

Exfoliating the feet can be a luxurious experience if you take the time to do it thoroughly. Several different products are specifically designed to remove dead skin cells from the feet. They include the following:

Pumice Stone: This granulated stone is the ideal beauty tool for dry feet. They are available in a variety of sizes and shapes, and several are attached to a handheld wand for ease of use.

Foot Scrubs: Specially formulated to work their magic on the feet, foot scrubs typically contain ingredients that stimulate circulation and condition the skin while sloughing away dead skin cells. You can find a luxurious recipe for a foot scrub you can make at home here.

Exfoliating Creams: Similar to regular moisturizers, these foot creams provide a little something extra for tired rough feet. They envelope the skin with intense moisture and gently exfoliate over time.

Step By Step:  How to Your Exfoliate Feet

Ideally, you should set aside some time initially to do a proper, thorough exfoliating treatment. The following steps will have you well on your way to the softest feet you’ve ever felt!

  1. Fill a small foot spa tub or basin with the hottest water you can comfortable stand (please be sensible about this). For every 4 cups of water added to the basin, add half a cup of milk (a natural exfoliating and nourishing additive). Soak your feet for at least 25 minutes, allowing the milk’s lactic acid to soften the skin. Adding chopped mint also helps to keep foot odour at bay.
  2. Pat your feet dry gently and follow up with a specially formulated foot scrub. These scrubs contain granulated ingredients, such as sea salt, sugar or crushed nut powders, which work to gently loosen and remove dead skin. Massage the foot scrub into the skin in a circular motion, paying special attention to the extra-rough spots on the heels, side of heels especially, and big toes.
  3. After rinsing, apply a intense foot cream (if done before sleeping) or a non-greasy lotion (if done at any other time) and pull on a pair of socks to seal the moisture in.
  4. If you want to try something really wacky in order to get great feet, this article is bound to amuse you.

Of course, if you usually find yourself pressed for time, the long leisurely foot spa experiance won’t be ideal. Instead, keep a pumice stone or foot rasp file (available at Drug Stores or Pharmacies) in your bathroom and quickly but gently scrub the roughest areas of your feet prior to showering. Do note that a soft touch is all that’s needed to notice fabulous results.  In order to make the most of your foot care routine, apply an exfoliating foot cream nightly to ensure continuously supple, hydrated skin.


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