Control that Chicken Skin Look — Keep Keratosis Pilaris Under Control

Chicken Skin Look

the start of Keratosis Pilaris


A rash on arms that consists of rough bumps that are red in color indicates Keratosis Pilaris. It is a common condition that is not limited to a rash on arms, but also on legs, hands, and even the face. Your body produces a natural protein called keratin. When your body produces too much of this natural protein, it becomes trapped inside the hair follicles on your arms, face, and/or legs. This causes your body to produce red bumps. While they do not hurt or itch, they are irritating in the fact that they cannot be cured, only controlled. Furthermore, it occurs all year, though it is more common in the winter months when sky is typically drier.

Keratosis Pilaris more commonly affects women, but many men also suffer from this irritating, unsightly rash. Additionally, KP also occurs in many adolescents. More than 50 percent of the population suffers from some degree of this condition, which is commonly referred to as chicken skin. There is no need to panic if you suffer from this skin condition. It is unsightly and irritating to those who suffer from it, but it poses no health risk.

Those who suffer from this skin rash cannot cure the rash, but they can help the condition using various remedies. One such remedy is to use exfoliation. When you take the time to exfoliate upper arms or any other area where your skin rash appears, you can help control the appearance of KP. Exfoliate upper arms to help minimize the hardness of the bumps and make your skin smoother. You can do this in the shower with an exfoliating scrub. The key, however, is to continually exfoliate your skin to make it appear smoother. It will not erase the reddish hue or make your skin perfectly smooth, but consistent exfoliation can help your skin feel smoother than usual. Not exfoliating can make your KP rougher than needed.

Milk-based products can also be used to treat chicken skin. The lactic acid in milk-based products can help to soften the skin. It also helps the skin to retain more moisture, which can soften the bumps and help with the redness that often appears. Urea is another easy way to treat your rough skin rashes. You can help fix Keratosis Pilaris by talking to your dermatologist about using urea to soften the areas where your rash appears. Urea will not fix Keratosis Pilaris by eliminating the condition, but it will soften the bumps and help you prepare your arms for summer weather. One of the most common methods dermatologists use to control this skin condition is over-the-counter glycolic acid treatments. These treatments contain lactic acid and are an easily attainable way of treating this condition.

It is commonly known that chicken skin cannot be cured. However, it can be made worse by exposure to the harsh UV rays in the sun. Using sunscreen will not make the condition disappear from your skin, but it will prevent the condition from becoming worse over time. The sun can dry out your skin even more, which means using a moisturizing sunscreen can help your skin retain more moisture and prevent the area from burning, which can exacerbate symptoms.

You can also help to prevent the worsening of Keratosis Pilaris by avoiding the use of colognes, perfumes, and dryer sheets. Taking the time to choose dye-free products with which to wash your laundry is an easy way from preventing your rash-prone areas from becoming worse. When it comes to skin conditions that cannot be cured, preventative methods are often the simplest, easiest ways ensure that your skin is as healthy as possible.

Despite the lack of cure, there are advantages to treating your chicken skin. First and foremost, smooth skin is always preferable to rough, scaly skin. Using exfoliation and preventative measures on a regular basis can prep your body for skin-baring weather. No one wants to feel scaly or walk around with a visible rash in weather that begs for sleeveless shirts and swimsuits. Controlling your skin condition means you will feel more comfortable baring your arms during the hot summer months. Understanding that you are not the only one suffering from this skin condition also helps.


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